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100th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Client: Master Painters

Where: The Langham, Auckland

Master Painters New Zealand this year entrusted the expertise of Staging Connections to ensure their commemorative 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner for 220 special guests was a roaring success. The night was to specifically recognise the best of the best in the residential and commercial painting sectors, with a five-star dinner and entertainment at The Langham Hotel, Auckland. 

High achievers and long-serving members of the association were recognised during an awards ceremony, accompanied by a touching 30-minute video segment. A challenge for the Staging Connections team was to seamlessly transition the one continuous file of video footage around each of the individual award presentations – a challenge in which they excelled. Award recipients were given appropriate time to celebrate their wins, while the audience stayed engaged throughout the ceremony thanks to the effective combination of visual and lighting effects.

The presentations and video were projected onto large installed screens via three laptops. The stage was dramatically framed by black drapes and hanging Scenic Panels showcased the moving and static lighting in blues and yellows, the colours of the association. Ceiling chandeliers set to yellow and gold, staying on brand, added a touch of elegance overhead. The audio system provided by Staging Connections ensured clear, crisp sound throughout the room and set the mood for the entertainment as celebrations continued into the evening. 

Brian Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Master Painters New Zealand Association, commented, “The scenic panels provided a fitting backdrop to our Gala Dinner event. In conjunction with the great support from the AV Techs and an AV Event organiser that went the extra mile to make sure we had the result we wanted we were pleased with the overall package provided”.

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