Looking for AV Express?

You likely landed here because you are searching for AV Express or you're simply wanting to hire some audio visual equipment for an event.
The bad news is AV Express doesn't exist anymore, but the good news is it now lives on under the Staging Connections umbrella!


Who we are

Staging Connections is the largest event services provider for corporate events across the Asia Pacific. This means we can install and manage every thing you'll need for your event including audio visual equipment, lighting, staging and set design, multimedia and presentation design, theming and styling, and of course digital engagement tools like social media, event apps, live polling and video streaming services. 

Plus we have the largest footprint of any event production company in the the region. As the chosen in house event services provider for over 75 four and five star venues across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and throughout Asia not only can we do it all, but we're wherever you are too!

Explore Event Services

Browse through our range of event production services or watch our latest showreel below to find out more about what we can do for you. If you like what you see, please drop us a line by sending an online enquiry and we'll get right back. As they say, successful event start with a conversation!