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Staging Connections drums up support for the NSW Teachers Federation

Staging Connections drums up support for the NSW Teachers Federation

Staging Connections provided the crucial link in the form of a webcast to connect over 50 000 teachers across New South Wales with their counterparts at the NSW Teachers Federation Stop Work Meeting held on Wednesday 27 June at the Sydney Town Hall.

Over five thousand teachers attended the main meeting site at Sydney Town Hall with the Staging Connections’ team of 19 capturing the entire event and webcasting it live to over 30 regional sites. Teachers throughout NSW met in RSL Clubs, town halls and other meeting areas to join their colleagues via live video feed, in what has been one of the most controversial Stop Work meetings for 2012.

As Jason Nicholas, Digital Media Editor for the NSW Teachers Federation stated “We knew from the outset that Staging Connections was the only production company in Sydney that could handle an event of this scale to the specifications we required. Also, it was a very sensitive and confidential event to plan and we felt confident that Staging Connections could maintain a high level of security from our initial discussions to the day itself. Overall we were especially pleased with the professionalism of the whole crew and, always important, the good spirit and attitude of all involved. We used to broadcast via Sky Channel into pubs across the state and have now evolved into internet streaming; it was reassuring to have the expertise of Staging Connections on-side in this major event.”

With five cameras capturing all the action including speeches from the President of the NSW Teachers Federation, Maurie Mulheron and members of the educational community who outlined the case put forward to the NSW Government before deciding on further political and industrial action. With a team of 19 working on the event, Staging Connections’ five Technical Directors and 14 crew controlled live crosses to audience members for reactions on what was being said by all speakers. Camera runs up to one hundred and fifty metres throughout the Town Hall captured all the action.

The live video stream was such that even those smaller towns with limited internet connection could receive the best available quality of delivery while other locations watch in HD via adaptive bit rate technology.

As Tony Chamberlain, MD of Staging Connections mentioned “Staging Connections was able to deliver the scope of this event due to our team of dedicated event professionals. Their expertise and meticulous nature were the foundation to the seamless and successful delivery of this event."

“This was the largest audience webcast ever for Staging Connections and was only possible through the capability of our new webcast platform” said Mr Chamberlain.

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Every technical aspect that Staging Connections was involved with ran perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with you and such dedicated and experienced staff.

Angela Dawson

Logistics Manager, International Monetary Conference

The most important attributes of Staging Connections is their reliability and honesty. In all dealings with Staging Connections complete transparency is used and what they promise is always delivered.

Anthony Do Rozario

Illuminated Industries

Staging Connections are a company that continues to grow because of its strong focus on staff, training and commitment to the purchase of high quality products which ensures they can deliver the services to the expectation of their clients, every time, without fail.

John Dignam

Account Manager, JANDS

We have always found Staging Connections to be extremely professional to work with and very knowledgeable in providing advice and expertise in event planning and delivery. They have a can-do attitude and always manage to deliver on bringing any idea to life.

Katy Cuskelly

Marketing Campaigns and Events Manager, Griffith University

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