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Innovative Webcasting Platform Starts a Conversation

Innovative Webcasting Platform Starts a Conversation

With technology driving new levels of audience interaction and having recognised a growing client need, Staging Connections has introduced a brand new custom built webcasting platform.

The innovative communications platform further bolsters our capabilities in delivering live event communication enabling clients to engage with their audience, where ever they may be located.

One of the greatest needs that the Staging Connections team recognised in their client discussions was the art of effective internal communications, the ability for a CEO to clearly share their message with all the team, should they be located in his office or across a broad geographical spread.

“Internal Communications is recognised as a difficult task for a lot of companies, from the Fortune 500s right through to small business. It's effectiveness relies on a number of variables; the clarity of the message, employee understanding and what the best medium is to reach everyone.” Tim Chapman, General Manager Digital, Staging Connections said.

“The webcasting platform we’ve created allows CEOs to start a direct conversation with their employees whether in the same room or a completely different time zone. It has been designed with a greater level of interactivity in mind to encourage two way conversations, proven to improve employee engagement.” Tim added.    

The platform offers live chat functionality, enabling employees to ask questions throughout a live webcast to ensure that the message is not lost in translation or misunderstood. An on-demand version provides the opportunity to view the message for up to six months for employees who were unable to attend or may be newly employed. Complemented by supporting documents that are available for download including presentations, FAQ documents and company announcements alongside interactive polling, the new platform has been designed to allow a CEO to communicate directly with all employees and benefit from a greater level of engagement within the business.

As Dana Busic, IP Australia stated, “The webcast initiative significantly expanded the reach of our message with participants logging in from around the country and international locations.”

Staging Connections as a communications partner offers their clients the opportunity to clearly communicate with their teams via major company announcements, online sales training and dedicated internal interactive video portals creating a whole new level of employee engagement.

For more information on Staging Connections employee engagement initiatives visit

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Every technical aspect that Staging Connections was involved with ran perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with you and such dedicated and experienced staff.

Angela Dawson

Logistics Manager, International Monetary Conference

The most important attributes of Staging Connections is their reliability and honesty. In all dealings with Staging Connections complete transparency is used and what they promise is always delivered.

Anthony Do Rozario

Illuminated Industries

Staging Connections are a company that continues to grow because of its strong focus on staff, training and commitment to the purchase of high quality products which ensures they can deliver the services to the expectation of their clients, every time, without fail.

John Dignam

Account Manager, JANDS

We have always found Staging Connections to be extremely professional to work with and very knowledgeable in providing advice and expertise in event planning and delivery. They have a can-do attitude and always manage to deliver on bringing any idea to life.

Katy Cuskelly

Marketing Campaigns and Events Manager, Griffith University

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