InterContinental Adelaide installs latest pin spot lighting

InterContinental Adelaide is focused on offering world-class meeting facilities and with that commitment in mind, Staging Connections installed a stunning new lighting feature to their Ballroom’s functionality. Clients holding events in the InterContinental Adelaide’s Ballroom can now take advantage of individual computerized table pin spots that can change colour, patterns and position throughout the function. As a first for an Adelaide venue, our clients' gala dinners, wedding and social events can add an extra wow factor to the evening and dramatically change the look and feel of the table décor at the flick of a switch.

From a simple white light focused onto the centerpiece to a highly choreographed schedule for each table to change colour or patterns, the client now has the creative freedom to take their event to the next level. Suspended above each table is now an LED light that is capable of moving and focusing to wherever the table may be placed. Its colour can then be chosen as one set colour or can change throughout the night at pre-determined times. On top of this, clients can chose to have an open circle of light or choose from a selection of striking patterns onto the table and centerpieces.

Gala dinners can now have their table’s chasing colour for exciting award announcements. Weddings will benefit from subtle moving patterns on the floral centerpieces. And social events can benefit from having their corporate or club colours being projected onto every alternative table. In fact the combinations and creative concepts are endless!

To have this same effect required a large amount of infrastructure to be installed specifically for that event at usually a large cost. Now, InterContinental Adelaide can offer this at a modest hire fee per event ensuring this incredible feature is more available to more events.

InterContinental Adelaide is proud to provide their clients the best possible facilities for their clients and this innovation only continues this tradition.

Staging Connections showcase of pinspots at the InterContinental Adelaide from Staging Connections on Vimeo.

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